Jan Comeau

Jan Comeau

photo by Melinda Dahl

I’ve always been a bit “game” so I love new experiences. I can’t think of a better way to have a new experience than to immerse myself in something new to me from another culture. Whether it’s food, fashion, traditions, dance, architecture, holistic treatments, I’m up for almost anything! I like to think of Jan and Jen Around the World LA primarily as a peace project. It’s a fun, sometimes zany way to celebrate rather than denigrate the differences in cultures that are represented in Los Angeles and indeed in the United States.

What can I say about Jen as my partner in this project? We have been called an “old married couple” by many of our friends because we’re so aligned. There’s nothing better than having adventures with a person who’s similar enough to value the experience in the same way I do yet different enough to give the experience a fresh perspective.

Enjoy our adventures, I sure do!

In peace-


For more information on Jan, visit Jan Comeau, Writer | Producer and her company CT Global Productions, a full-service production company with a strong commitment to creating content for individuals, organizations and companies that are doing good in the world.

Jennifer White Kuri

photo by Visi Cano-Mooradian

Jan and Jen Around the World LA is a multimedia exploration of diversity in Los Angeles and beyond. Both Jan and I approach the project from our unique perspective. As an artist, I offer my visual experience while as a writer/producer, Jan focuses on how those visual elements will be expressed on our website and blog. We make a great team!

On our explorations, we use our iPhones as the singular film resource so everything is represented digitally. And… we always wear our Posey glasses. This establishes a visual imprint and seems to tickle everyone we interact with regardless of culture. It’s this sense of humor along with respect and unity with others that we hope to share with you.

I’ve found in Jan not only a deep friendship but a passionate collaborator in our quest to discover and celebrate the varied cultures that call Los Angeles home.

In peace -


For more information on Jen, visit Global Women Project, a ten-year endeavor to celebrate highly influential women of many cultures through large-scale portraits, culminating in publication of a collector's coffee table book.