Women’s History Month-Women Will Save the Planet!

A month seems inadequate to celebrate the vast and constant contribution that women make to society. So many women are dedicated to the wellbeing of all that I am one hundred percent positive that it will be women banding together that saves our planet! At a recent event sponsored by Visionary Women, Jen and I … Read More

Women’s History Month-Introducing a Thai Restauranteur

As our excursion to Thailand is drawing to a close and Women’s History Month begins, we would like to introduce you to Amphai Kanawong, a restauranteur and entrepreneur from Northern Thailand. She owns Northern Thai Food Club, a restaurant which features regional cuisine from the area of Thailand she’s from. This casual 12 seat restaurant … Read More

Buddhist “Five” Commandments

The religion of Thailand is Buddhism which 90-95% of the population practices. The largest Buddhist temple in Los Angeles is Wat Thai Temple in North Hollywood. The temple serves Buddhists from all communities but a majority of the members are from Thailand, Laos and Cambodia. The monk who gave us a tour was warm, kind … Read More

Moroccan Entertainment-Belly Dancing with Friends

Belly dancing is often the form of entertainment at Moroccan restaurants in the United States because of course it is a very sensual form of dance. While belly dancing is popular in the United States, its origin is from the Middle East and North Africa. Egypt is considered the mecca of belly dancing but other … Read More

Asian Fusion-Our Dim Sum Dinner

Jen and I were interested in creating our own Dim Sum dinner at home since our excursion to a restaurant didn’t work out so well as was illustrated in last week’s video. We’re both drawn to the idea of Dim Sum because we both love small plates and variety. The history of Dim Sum is quite … Read More