A few weeks ago, Jan and Jen Around the World LA celebrated my birthday which as a rule is a simple affair. But, I’m sure because of the project, I wanted to do something festive. In line with our current focus on Mexico, I decided on an evening of Mariachi and margaritas with friends.

We chose Casa Sanchez because Voces de Mexico, the house band at the restaurant puts on a lively show with music and dance and the margaritas are delicious. At the end of the show, Adrian Vaga, the musical director called out the names of people who were celebrating that night, many many birthdays and anniversaries. The atmosphere is convivial so it really is a great place to celebrate an occasion.

Mariachi traces its roots to the early 1500’s when Cortés arrived in Mexico. The music combines elements of the European, native American and African slave instruments and musicality but the traditional garb, the traje de charro we associate with Mariachi was not worn until after 1910. While the height of Mariachi in the United States was in the 1950’s and 60’s, several current bands are reinterpreting and incorporating the tradition into their music to which we say Olé!

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