So much of the cultural makeup of Los Angeles is based on proximity so there’s a high concentration of Latin Americans and Asians in the area. This got us to thinking about countries that are not too close, specifically the countries of Africa.

The best known African enclave is Little Ethiopia which we will be exploring later this year but we thought, what other countries in Africa have a presence in Los Angles? We decided to begin with Morocco because I’ve always felt there’s an exotic mystique about that country.

We began with a visit to a Moroccan spa. The treatments at The Raven Spa in Santa Monica are wonderful but it’s the ambiance that transports you. The owners were away but Sate Kazazian, the Assistant Spa Manager explained that much of the  furnishings had been collected in Northern Africa which is why it feels like you could actually be in Morocco.

A quick lunch at the French Moroccan Cafe Chez Marie and then we were off to WËR gift shop in Venice. The owner, Wally Azar, has curated a unique collection of African designers. The brick and mortar location recently closed but our understanding is that a new popup/digital concept will be coming in 2020. Follow WËR on Facebook, WËR, @werlosangeles.

In Peace-

Jan and Jen


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