For the month of February, we’ll be exploring Thailand in Los Angeles and we begin of course with Thai Town. This six block neighborhood is quite mixed with Armenians and Latinos  along with Thai who started to immigrate to Los Angeles in the 1960’s.

There is a Apsonsi statue at both ends of the neighborhood. This is a Thai mythological creature, half female nymph and half lion said to be a protector from harm.

We highly recommend Thai massage. It is unique in that the therapist is at different points on your body using her weight to free your body of it’s constrictions. There’s a fair amount of tugging and stretching which may sound harsh but the end result is freedom of movement. It’s profound!

Thai food in Los Angeles is quite popular but there is something so authentic about dining at Jitlada which has been on so many best of lists.

In Peace-

Jan and Jen


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