A month seems inadequate to celebrate the vast and constant contribution that women make to society. So many women are dedicated to the wellbeing of all that I am one hundred percent positive that it will be women banding together that saves our planet!

At a recent event sponsored by Visionary Women, Jen and I learned first hand that Jane Fonda is one of these women. The organization honored her for a lifetime of activism and indeed her list of causes is long but at 82 years old, the plight of our planet is her passion. While the content of her speech was serious, even grave, she offered hope if we get busy now. That’s women for you, practical, pragmatic and making it happen!

Visionary Women is a Los Angeles based nonprofit whose mission is to inspire a community of visionary female leaders in support of causes that lift up women and girls. The organization supports local and international high impact initiatives.

In Peace-

Jan and Jen

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